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Blue Celtic wool flat cap in Welsh wool and cordaroy. These warm and rich woolen fabrics have been woven in Wales.

Flat caps, with their timeless charm and heritage appeal, have long been a symbol of classic style and understated elegance. Originating from the working-class communities of Britain, these caps have transcended social boundaries to become a staple accessory in fashion across the globe. Crafted from various materials such as tweed, wool, or cotton, flat caps exude versatility, lending a touch of sophistication to casual ensembles or adding a vintage flair to formal attire. Whether paired with a tailored suit for a polished look or donned casually with jeans and a sweater, the flat cap effortlessly embodies a sense of tradition and refinement, making it a beloved accessory for those who appreciate both fashion and history.

Celtic wool flat cap.

  • This product is handmade on authentic machinery in Wales.

    • Please note that our product images are not be to scale and  dimensions will vary slightly. As many of our products are handmade, each piece is unique and there might be some variation in colour or finish. 
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